The problem with paths is that once you have chosen one, You cannot choose the others.

– Ian C. Esslemont, Orb Sceptre Throne

I both agree and disagree with this sentence. If you choose one thing then it is impossible to choose the other paths later because a path always changes. The result of a decision will always be different based on when we take it. It might be us that change when we ponder the question or the people who are waiting for your answer. So on a very literal/metaphysical level. You can never choose the other paths.

Most decisions we get stuck on, though, are rarely fatal or final. And by choosing one path, the other pats will change but not by much. Sometime it might take some extra time and cost a bit of money but most decisions can be changed.

It is usually better to do something then get stuck in indecision and let the possibilities pass you by.