the problem is never truly solved. Each new insight or solution improves ones understanding of the problem yet one never completely understands it.

– Culmsee and Kailish, The heretics guide to best practices: The reality of managing complex problems

This is part of the definition of a wicked problem. What I have found is that more problem than we think are wicked problems and that there is no clear solution to them. This frustrates so many people that they cannot find the one true solution and which is why many people just stop when they have found one solution that seems ok. This is great for getting things done but it might also stop people, organizations and things from developing further.

I think this is especially true for people. Our lives are wicked problems, and there is no one solution that will fulfill all our needs. Every time you meet someone new, read a book or participate in a new experience, you will find a new way to look at life and to improve your understanding if yourself and what you want.