When you use words to hide meaning, you’re lying. When there are no words and no descriptions, when critical facts are simply not there, that’s also lying. You can call it deception in the cause of a greater good, or service to a higher ideal, but in the end, it’s lying, and it will cost you in ways you can’t possibly comprehend because you’re perverting the very basis of human communication, and every time in history that’s happened on a large scale the result has been disaster. I just hope that doesn’t happen here.

– L.E. Modesitt J.R., The One-Eyed Man

Sometimes lies or white lies feels easier to tell than the truth. What I have noticed is that truth is often much more complicated than lies, because the truth contains not just what we did or what we said, but also the thoughts and feelings behind the words and the actions. It contains all the actions that led up to that event and our thoughts about what other people did before and during the event. All of this makes truth very hard to explain to other people.

It is often much easier to lie or not tell the whole truth, but by telling the truth you give the people around you the chance to get to know you. And most importantly, it will help you practice being open and explaining your complicated truth. To share who you are.