Always review

“The plane had a cabin crew, which ran them all through the plane’s safety procedures like on a regular plane. Lancaster followed along with the instructions and looked at Brian hard, until he did too.

"Always review when you can, Brian. No matter what you’re doing, or how often you’ve done it before, something fresh in your mind will save your ass about twenty percent more often than if you just go on old knowledge. It works… so do it.”“

          – P.S. Power, Proxy

After reading this I started to follow along during the flight safety procedures again, which I have not done for many many years. And it got me thinking about all the things I think I know just because I have read it a few years back, or if I have done something a few times. Rereading old books I have on communication, personality types and conflict management made me realise how much I had forgotten from them. I remember the overall ideas and many of the take aways, but details I have forgotten or didn’t see the first time I read them came back to me. There are two great ways to remember things, one is repetition and the other is to associate the new knowledge to old knowledge. By creating multiple connections to the new knowledge it makes it easier and faster for our minds to find it again. That’s one of the reasons I love to read all of these books, find quotes and connect them to other things I have learnt.