How do we win?

“That may be, sir, but you can win battles. There’s no way you can win in putting a city back together. There’s always more to do, and always someone unhappy.”

L. E. Modesitt Jr., Princeps

If you only focus on your own needs, interests and goals then it is possible to win. By looking at a negotiation or discussion as a battle or a game to win, then you will either win or lose. You have to prepare yourself to be surrounded by a lot of people that feels like they have lost, and you will have to prepare yourself to lose. By accepting that we need to balance other people’s needs and our own then we will realize that we are in a never-ending balancing-act. More often than we think we will be able to satisfy other people’s needs and our own at the same time. We just need to spend some time thinking about what the problem is really about.

No matter what you do though; sometimes you will be happy with what is happening and sometimes you will be unhappy. You can either see this as a struggle that is difficult and unfair, or you can see this as life and a fun challenge!