Where do I start?

“Yet I am small, how can I do this? I don’t even know where to begin.”

“Start from the beginning… that is where you are… and go… forward…”

Travis Hanson, The Bean

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the tasks ahead of me. It feels like too much is happening and I’m unsure of where I am going or where I am at. What I usually do then is to sit down and replan the project I work on. I write about the needs behind the project, I decide on a new aim, I define objectives, I brainstorm what to do and decide on a plan. Sometime I realise that I’m almost finished with the project; that the only thing I have left is to package the project before handing it off. If I replan the project and realise that there is a long way to go, I have gotten my bearings back:

  • I know where,
  • I am going,
  • I know where I am at,
  • I know the first step,
  • and I know that there is a way to get from here to there.

What I do then is to throw the plan away and start working. I don’t want the plan to hinder my thoughts and my inspiration. A couple of weeks later I might feel lost again. I could take out my old plan and look at it, but it is usually not valid anymore.

So I just plan the project again…