How can we make better decisions?

“Even from what he’d seen, that appeared to be the strongest possibility … but it was only a half-informed guess on his part. But aren’t too many conclusions you’re making just that these days?”

L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Imager’s Battalion

No decision can ever be made with all the information available. We can never know everything because before making the decision and see what happens we don’t know what was actually important in making the decisions. We can make a guess on who the key stakeholders are and what their needs are. We could talk to them, but we can never be sure that we asked the right questions or that they told us everything that was relevant. We can hope we have found all the relevant information, and then we have to guess again on how to weigh the different data we have found.

It’s about accepting that we can never know everything and then make a decision that is as good as possible with the information we can get in a reasonable time. The important part is then to get feedback to make sure our decision was good, and to dare changing the decision to make it as good as possible. We also need to use the feedback to evaluate what we did right and what we did wrong when we made the decision.

How can we check if the decision have the desired effect?

When will we sit down and evaluate our decision process?