What is a leader’s job?

“He was just the right man in the right place, and that was so obvious that no one argued about it. He never exactly gave orders or speeches, he just went ahead with the driving and let us get on with our thing–it’s not as if anyone had any doubts what the task was, after all–and when something tricky came up he wandered around Piper 90, from the roof garden to the engine level, and he talked to people.”

Nick Harkaway, The Gone-Away World

If people are completely clear about their organisation’s goal, and their teams’ purpose in it, then they will always be able to work towards it. The leader will not have to give any day-to-day orders. She or he can instead focus on the strategic issues. If something unusual happens, trust in your team to do their jobs, they know what needs to be done better than you: Your job is to to make sure that people are talking to one another and that they have all the information they need.