What is your canary?

“If you’re mining for coal, you keep a canary in a cage so that if you hit a gas pocket, the bird will die before you do, and you have time to get out. Assuming that you don’t explode. Actually, in modern times the canary has been supplanted by an electrocatalytic sensing electrode, but quite a lot of people still call the unit after its avian predecessor.”

Nick Harkaway, The Gone-Away World

We all need canaries in our lives that will tell us that we are in a bad place before we fall unconscious. We need some way to make sure that we are living a healthy life before we realise that we have not worked out for a year. We need some way to tell us if we are too stressed or work too much. We need some way to check our balance between working and meeting friends and family.

How do you measure if your life is where you want it to be? What is your alarm? What is your canary?