Making decisions can help a group grow

“I register four yes votes, two negatives, and one abstention,” said the Consul. “The ayes have it. Who wants to start?”
The table was silent. Finally Martin Silenus looked up from where he had been writing on a small pad of paper. He tore a sheet into several smaller strips. “I’ve recorded numbers from one to seven,” he said. “Why don’t we draw lots and go in the order we draw?”
“That seems rather childish, doesn’t it?” said M. Lamia.

Dan Simmons, Hyperion

What would have happened if they instead of just drawing lots had taken the time to talk as a group and decide in which order to tell their stories?

You should avoid some decisions because they will take time and just use up energy, but sometime the energy that is lost now will be regained during later decisions or conflicts. People need to practice discussing and managing conflicts, and it is much better to start with something small than having your first conflict when the entire organization is hanging on the line.

Sometimes we rush towards what we think is important when the most important thing is happening right now.