How we see others

Red eyes moved to his, and she gave him a shaky smile. He couldn’t return it. He stared into her, thinking about how she saw him. He wasn’t as great as she described. But he wanted to be. She saw through him, and her smile became more genuine.

Bloodline, Will Wight

Sometimes you are in a situation where you feel pressured to do more, to push forward, and spend too much energy. In other situations, you want to do more, you feel a drive to improve, and when you spend your energy, you feel energized. It is all about how people look at us, do they think we can do it or not.

There is a difference in how you motivate others to do better.: You either do it from a point of power, pushing the other people forward, or you do it from the position in the quote; that they feel that you believe in them, trust them and care about them.

It has been a long pause from writing in this blog now, and I have no idea how much energy I have now for this, but I have a craving to start writing again and this feels like a safe place where I can write what pops into my head, and the texts are also short so that I can turn this into a tiny habit to explore. Let’s see what happens.