Words cannot describe the most magnificent of sunrises or sunsets, or even the greatest painting of the greatest representationalist or the most beautiful of statues, or the most stirring and harmonious of melodies. Words are all that we have to convey to each other what we see and what we feel, but never should we accept a belief that words truly or fully describe the world

– L.E Modesitt J.R., Imager

The hard part in communicating is that the words we use have different meaning for different people. We might have read the same dictionary but we have different experiences of the words themselves. A word that you read in a beautiful poem will have a new meaning to you and a meaning that I will never completely understand. I think that is both the fun and the hard part when we try to share our thoughts and feelings. This is also why we have to start listening to the intent behind the words, instead of the exact words people say.