We can be too trusting, but can we be too trustworthy?

“Recently, I talked to a man. Some of you know him. Some don’t. I asked for his help in a matter some would call small and some would not. He said that he would do what he could. From this man, those words meant what they said.”

           – L.E Modesitt Jr., Scholar

Most people are focused on if they could trust other people. We look at how others behave, what they say, and what they do. From this we then try to figure out if we feel we could trust this person or not. Some have a very long memory and old wrongdoings will color their trust of other people for a very long time and other people have a shorter memory. What people often forget is to think about how trustworthy they are. Do I behave in a way that make people trust me? Do I do what I say I will? How open am I with my thoughts and feelings? This is much more important because this is something we can work on and something we have full control over.

We can be too trusting, but can we be too trustworthy?