What do I love doing in life?

“What do I love doing in life? After several moments of silence, Quaeryt replied, “That’s because I question that myself. I don’t know that I have an answer for you, not one that would be completely honest. I like making things … better. But ‘better’ is something that is different for each man, each woman.” He offered a crooked smile. Darlinka looked to Vaelora, questioningly.”

L.E Modesitt Jr., Princeps

There are many great questions to ask yourself, but I think this one is among the best: What do I love doing in life?. Instead of focusing on our strengths or our weaknesses. Think first about what you really love doing or what brings a smile to your lips. If you really like it you can always become better at it.

As long as you choose to spend time on what you really love doing in life…