Are we all pretenders?

“I’m realizing that everyone has this experience. All of a sudden, you are in the hot seat, and you feel like a fucking fraud. Am I right?”

Bonhomme said nothing.

“Of course I’m right. But that’s everyone. We’re all frauds. We’re all just pretending that we know what we’re doing. The trick is to pretend so well that you convince yourself long enough to get through the rough spot.”

Myke Cole, Shadow Ops: Breach Zone

Sometimes it feels great to get a huge amount of trust placed on my shoulders. Sometimes it feels great to get enormous amounts of positive feedback, where people absolutely love what I have done. Most times this feels great. Other times I feel overwhelmed and I feel like I’m only pretending to know what I’m doing. At these times it is great to have friends around you. People that know the real you.