How do you put together a great team?

“That might be best, sir.” Zhelan nodded thoughtfully.

“If I leave out anything, of course, you can make sure they know that, as well.” Quaeryt smiled. “As you have done more than once, and for which I am grateful.”

“You do what I cannot, sir.”

L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Imager’s Battalion

As humans we are hard wired to look for similarities between the people we meet and ourselves. We will automatically like people who are similar to people we normally spend time with. We will also become quite nervous if people are behaving in ways we don’t recoqnise or wear different clothing than what we are used to seeing.

This becomes very apparent during interviews or when we want to gather people to work with. You will most likely get along, if you find people who think like you do and work like you do but your skill-sets will be very similar. We need to work with people who are great at the things we are not so good at. It does not have to be your complete opposite, just make sure that the people you work with love doing some of the things you hate. That the people you work with have the skills that you lack.

How do you put together a great team?