Creating a great team require many small steps

“those who rule best are those who accept each man or woman for who each is, and that seldom are such rulers remembered in the chronicles of the great, for it seems that little has happened during their reigns. Even when they are successful at conquest, that success is attributed to others, to their marshals, to the times, to the weakness of the enemy. What angered many was his observation that those who are remembered are those least worthy of such veneration, because they were the rulers who have attempted to mold others in their image, either through fear or flattery, because they had not the strength to recognize different strengths in others”

L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Imager’s Battalion

This quote reminded me of a quote by Terry Pratchett that I already wrote about.

I think that the best leaders are the ones that can create a space for each person he works with, so that they in turn can do the best work they can. It is just to find the best people for the job and then turn them into an effective team. Finding the best people for the job can be quite hard, and creating an effective team are in many cases even tougher. It is a step by step process, where you have to sit down with your team often to talk about how we work together. To reflect about what is going well and what is not working. Then choose one or two things that you want to do better during the next couple of weeks, and just focus on them.

The steps might seem small, but if your team works 1% better every week then you will be truly excellent a year from now.