What is a good agreement?

“Might you have any specific advice as to those points I should keep most in mind?”

“Only that agreements that cannot be enforced, in some fashion or another, will be broken as soon as it is in the interest of the parties to do so.”"

L. E. Modesitt Jr., Antiagon Fire

When delegating tasks or negotiating a contract, we are usually too focused on how we can enforce the agreement or how we can verify that everyone will follow it. What if we instead try to design the agreement in such a way that people don’t want to break it? What if we could create a solution that everyone is satisfied with and want to be part of?

This is not always possible but I think it is better to aim for this type of agreement and if this fails then we can choose to look at how to verify and enfore our agreements. Or we could choose not to work with that person or organisation…