How much time do you spend doing things you really like?

“Knight? I told yo mam I am nothing.”

“I would beg to differ little man, You are always something. Even the greatest of heroes must carry a washing pot every now and then.”

Travis Hanson, The Bean

We all want to spend our time following our passions and using our strengths. Sometimes there are tasks that we have to do, tasks we need to get done so that we can do what we love. Some of these tasks can be irritating either because they are boring or because we are not good at them and need to put in a lot of energy into them. One task that have given me a lot of stress is my book-keeping. I know I have to do it to run my company but it has never been something I look forward to. I solved this by hiring an accountant that now does it for me, but there are a lot of other tasks that I have to do and that are much harder to delegate.

As long as most of the things I do are fun, then doing a few things that are not is perfectly fine. What we need to watch out for is when we spend most of our time working on things we don’t like and we aren’t good at. If you spend more than 20% of your time doing tasks that make you stressed or irritate you, then something need to change. Either your job description or where you work.