What language are you speaking?

Oh yeah I might be crazy – but that’s not the same as insane
And I’m scared – but that’s not the same as being afraid

Sister Hazel, Swan Dive

What does a word mean to you? What is the difference between being scared and afraid? For some people they would mean exactly the same thing and to others they will have different meanings. A huge part of creating a team is actually to come up with a common language, to both consciously and unconsciously decide on how we will communicate and what a word will mean in this group. Some parts of the language will grow while a group are working together but some can be supplied directly. The most important language to give a group early is how they will talk about conflicts; how they will disagree and give feedback in a constructive way.

Tools like FIRO-B, Red&Green zone, and MBTI are not the final truth about how humans behave or think, but they are a way for us to communicate about differences and to talk about how to work together better. And to reflect about earlier experiences of working in groups; successes and failures. By doing this the other parts will fall in place faster, because they will be less scared/afraid of talking about things that bother them, and to talk about the problems long before they become gigantic.