How do we choose who to trust?

“I don’t like flying. I’ve been told it’s perfectly safe, that it’s the future of travel and about a hundred other things which I’m sure the sane part of my brain agrees with. The other part of my brain doesn’t like the idea of being tens of thousands of feet in the air, in a small metal tube, with large quantities of jet fuel. I don’t like the fact that my life is in the hands of people I’ve never met – from the pilots to the repait crew.”

Steve McHugh, With Silent Screams

It is very interesting that we will trust our lives to people we have never met when we are flying, but we might have trouble trusting people who works for us. Every day we might check on how far along they are with their project, or demand to read a person’s report before they send it. And then we will just walk into an airplane and calmly sit down and read a book. For some it is the other way around, they are deadly afraid of flying but are very trusting to their colleagues. There are all combinations of this in people, some trust everyone and some trust very few people.

I wonder if the trust of flying would increase or decrease if we would actually know the pilot or the repair crews.

I wonder if it is about statistics – Statistically speaking it is very safe to fly, and your colleague might have missed the last couple of deadlines.

I wonder if we are taught it when we are young.

I wonder if some are born with more trust and some with less.

I wonder how our trust changes during life and through experiences.

I wonder how we choose who to trust.