What would Batman do?

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”
– Batman Begins

The hardest thing to change is ourselves, and that is also the only thing we can really control and change. It is really easy to talk about changing how we eat, exercise, or how we work. It is a bit harder to actually do the change when we have a lot of time and energy. The hardest thing is to actually follow our new diet, exercise regime, or way of working when we are tired or stressed. But that is usually when we need it the most. If you are tired or stressed then we usually need to eat better or go for a run. If you are tired or stressed at work that is the time when you should stick to your teams new way of working and not glide back into your old way of working.

We need some help with this and research shows that distancing us from decisions makes it easier for us to go against our ingrained habits. For five year olds answering the question: “What would Batman do?” helped them make better decision).

Not sure if it works for adults as well but I will start asking myself: What would Batman do? the next time I’m unsure of what to do.