Inaction is also action

“A man might not have the patience to count to a trillion,” answered Del Azarchel coldly, “but the number is real whether he counts it or not. A man might not think he will live to see the future. But it will come, with him, or without him, by his effort, or by the effort of others.

– Count to a Trillian, John C. Wright

No matter what we do or don’t do we will affect the world around us. Inaction is as much an action as action is. Though in many places it is much easier to get away with not doing anything wrong that doing something wrong, which makes us prone to ignoring important decisions until they have resolved themselves, or starting a committee to analyze the problem instead of just making a decision and see what happens.

In many cases the right choice is to not do anything but then it should be a conscious decision to not do anything and not just a tactic to avoid making a mistake.