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Let the adventure begin

“In his experience, practically anything became an adventure if framed properly.”

Will Wight, Soulsmith

Starting the new year, I decided to try to restart this blog. I want to start writing again, and one of the biggest challenges with it is to frame this as an adventure and not a drudge or something I’m forcing myself to do.

I went from writing a lot a few years back; this blog, other articles, and a book. And now I don’t write anything: I need to relearn writing again. To be able to write as quickly as I did before will take practice, frustration, and will be part of the adventure. And, to remove the voice of perfection in the back of my head and allow myself to see a text as finished. Let’s see how it goes!

I think this quote as well is something to think about when we work together. How can we now start this new year as an adventure instead of with stress? How can we start our new projects as an adventure we are going on together. To see the uncertainty as part of the adventure and the team you will be working together with as a party of heroes.